In Car DUO USB Charger with Voltage Meter

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In Car DUO USB Charger 

is a very good products for you to check your battery level. Here is the Instruction:

1. Plug the USB charger into the cigarette lighter socket.

2. You can connect up to two devices from the charger using the cable. 
3. BEFORE start your car. Turn the key to ignition BUT not starting your car. The display will show: Vehicle Voltage (V): 12.0V-14.5V 
IF lower than 12V then you have to be aware of the battery life, you might unable to start your car. You need to change your battery soonest possible before it's dead. 
Start your car then the Voltage (V) 13.8V - 14.5V. Which mean your car alternator is charging & also means your car alternator is working fine. 

Other info : Output Voltage (V): 5.0V - USB

Output Current (A): 0.1A-2.1A - USB

1. Charger should be fully inserted into the cigarette lighter socker.
2. In some cars, the ignition must be switched on before power becomes available to the cigarette lighter socket.
3. Unplug the USB charger when not in use.
4. Do not wet, incinerate or disassemble the USB charger.
Specifications:- Input: 12V-24V DC- Output: 5.0V 2.1A DC- Operating Temperature ( Celcius ) : 15-50
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